Phaesun BOSS Kits Pro Jector

The BOSS Projector Kit is the ideal solution to show movies, sports matches, educational videos, powerpoint presentations etc to a big audiance completely independent from any electricity supply. It can be used in bars and restaurants, open-air cinemas, schools and training centers and due to the light weight components it is possible to use it as a portable solution.
The kit includes an LED projector, a foldable robust solar module, an AGM battery and electronics and cabling. The LED projector convinces due to its bright illumination and low energy consumption. Therefore the presentation time with a fully charged battery exeeds 3 hours. The projector has an integrated fileviewer, which enables to show videos etc. directly from a USB memory stick. Alternatively a laptop can be connected. The battery serves the projector via a DC/DC converter. The system can be extended by a sound system.

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